The Mountaineers Modular Courses

The Mountaineers launches a new modular program for the Intermediate Climbing Course in the 2017 Season at all Pacific Northwest branches.

Seattle, Washington (March 9, 2017) – The Mountaineers announces a new modular course format that will be offered as an alternative to the Traditional Intermediate Climbing Course.

The new program includes four individual courses that can be completed following two tracks, depending on student interests. The Rock Climbing track is broken down into two units and consists of Leading on Rock, Rescue Methods and Self-Rescue courses. The Glacier, Ice and Mixed Climbing track consists of Winter Mountaineering and Mixed Climbing, Intermediate Glacier Travel and Ice Climbing . To be eligible for graduation from the Intermediate Climbing course in its entirety, students will have to complete all modules in both tracks.

This new Intermediate Climbing Course format enables students who have graduated from the Basic Climbing program to continue their training in the discipline of their choice, instead of having to commit their time to a full curriculum that can take up to 6 years to complete.

“The benefit of this modularization reduces the strain on the volunteers who are running the program, enables a greater instructor-to-student ratio, and provides students with a more in-depth understanding of each discipline they choose to focus on, making the climbing experience fun and safe for everyone involved,” said Jim Nelson, Seattle Mountaineers.

A huge benefit of this new modular program is that students are able to cultivate their skills in the discipline they choose through higher-level education with a more focused experience and a low student-to-instructor ratio.

“We expect this program format to be a huge success and helps grow a safer, more experienced generation of climbers who will,” states Jim Nelson, “impart their knowledge upon other Mountaineers through volunteering for the organization.”

The Mountaineers is a nonprofit outdoor community of over 12k active members across the Pacific Northwest. Since 1906, The Mountaineers have been dedicated to getting people outdoors to experience the forests, mountains and waterways in the Northwest and beyond. Hundreds of courses and activities are offered monthly, all run by volunteers who are passionate about connecting people and helping them explore nature. Read more at

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Liana Robertshaw



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