My Milkshake Brings…

Layered Cocktail

What You Need? 

Rum. Bourbon. Brandy. Creme de Coconut. Mint Bitters. Chocolate Bitters.

What to do? 

Combine 1oz Rum, 1/2 oz Brandy, 1/2 oz Bourbon (or 1oz of either if you don’t have both) with a splooge of coconut cream (or coconut flakes/milk/shaved coconut) in a cocktail shaker over crushed ice. Add a splash of mint bitters (or a piece of mint, if you don’t have) and a few dashes of chocolate bitters (or chocolate syrup, if you don’t have). Shake super-vigorously & strain into highball w/ ice cube. Top with coconut flakes. If you’re feeling really fancy, throw them in the toaster oven for a few minutes and, voila, toasted coconut.


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